An Affordable Good Impression

First impressions are always important whether it is with clients, customers or employees. Your company’s first impression can define you thereafter and will either set your business apart from the competition or shy away from your target audience. An easy and effective way to leave a good first impression is through branded promotional gifts.

At MRL we are proud to let our clients know that we specialize in fully custom and high quality products. So to emit this strong branding point we provide clients with premium custom gifts that show the innovation and quality of our work. We also provide these custom gifts to our new employees during onboarding. This shows our appreciation to all our employees and it is a good time to ensure quality and cohesive branded items.

These custom gifts provide our clients with a pleasant experience which helps associate our company with attention to detail and great customer service. This form of nurturing ensures that clients know that their success is our number one priority.

We have suggested the custom gift strategy to a variety of our clients. Sometimes stretching your dollars to choose a more premium corporate gift will ensure to leave that lasting impression your company is looking for. And with companies like MRL Promotions helping you along the way, you’d be surprised that the price difference isn’t as steep as you might think.

What makes custom gift kits like the one above different isn’t the type of items within; it’s the quality and subtlety of the branding. One of the worst things you can do with premium promotional gifts is making the person receiving it feel like a walking billboard for your business.

Take the MRL T-shirts for example. This promotional gift has been a huge
success with our clients and employees. The difference is in the details, we eliminated that ‘walking billboard’ effect by choosing a soft and comfortable fabric as well as adding a custom on-trend design.

Another easy technique to eliminate the overwhelming feeling of advertisement on a corporate gift is to use different techniques to show your logo.

For example, for our travel bag we added an embossed logo on the faux leather detailing. An embossed logo is a great way to display your brand in a subtle manner. This is why we’ve used it on several of our own items like our notebooks and luggage tags.

Branding subtlety and product quality are a huge part of creating a promotional gift that leaves memorable impression. Browse through some of our past work below to inspire you for your next project.

For any further assistance contact us, our team will be happy to help.

Xfinity – Custom Backpack McGladrey – Tech Bag & Water Bottle Bank Iowa – Journal
Aberlour – Mole Skin Journal & Cell Phone Case Bumble – EOS Lip Balm & Beach Towels MRL – Custom Ceramic Mug & Water Bottle

Add Value to Guarantee Sales

As the holidays slowly approach, you will notice in stores one of our favorite projects to work on: Value Added Packaging, also known as VAP.

This custom packaging promotional tool provides clients an advantage right off the shelf by adding a gift alongside their product. This allows the product to instantly evoke more value than competitors and help influence purchase. Having customers feel like they’ve gotten a bargain is an easy and effective way to increase brand loyalty.

VAP boxes are not only a great solution for last-minute shoppers, this form of custom packaging is an affordable and highly effective marketing tool for companies, especially during high-consuming seasons where brand loyalty skews and packaging can make you or break you.

MRL has suggested value added packages to numerous clients. The gifts added are usually rather inexpensive in comparison to the main product, which makes this form of custom packaging an ideal marketing solution for companies that don’t want to break the bank, but want to ensure sales.

Value Added Packaging tends to usually carry additions that will enhance or work well with the main product. For example, some of our liquor clients like Deanston and Svedka used additional products that did not only add value, but enhanced the customer experience.

Svedka removed a time consuming shopping experience for their customers by conveniently adding the perfect mixer with their product. Why have customers roam aimlessly around the aisles when you can provide everything from the comfort of your packaging. The power of convenience and value sometimes can be the key to purchase influence and Svedka knocked it out of the park with this 2 in 1.

Deanson also enhanced its customer’s experience with a simple yet high utility addition. Providing customers with premium glassware is a great way to increase brand recognition. As a useful gift, glassware is sure to stay in the kitchens or bars of your customers, ensuring that your brand will be recognized all year long.

Value Added Packaging can be custom made with thick high-quality paperboard and it can contain custom vacuum formed trays retrofitted to support the weight and fragility of both your product and gift. Apart from being sustainable and durable, the packaging is always custom made to ensure optimal visibility. As demonstrated with our project, our designers ensured to create the perfect sized clear windows to display the product beautifully.

Although Value Added Packaging is more common during the holidays, they can be used year long and MRL is always available to provide our clients with guidance and packaging solutions. Check out some of our other VAP boxes and get inspired.

Want to know more about Value Added Packaging (VAP) or custom packaging? Speak to one of representatives today, we’ll guide you through the process and give your brand the custom packaging it deserves.


Congratulations to Michael Levitt!

Finalist Distributor Salesperson of the Year

MRL Promotions is proud to announce that our owner and president Michael Levitt was announced as a finalist in Advertising Specialty Institute’s Distributor Sales Person of the Year. Levitt is featured amongst some of the top sales people in the industry. The article makes note of Levitt’s entrepreneurial fervor from a young age, starting his passion at his Florida State University. Levitt is continued to be praised for the ongoing success of MRL Promotions. Read more about Levitt’s achievements here.