Custom Bottle Neckers

Imagine being at a grocery store or liquor store. You are torn between two equally priced products. They are both beautifully packaged in a way that exudes credibility and quality. The only difference between the two is that one has a sample product hanging off its bottle neck.

Which product do you take home?

It has been proven that hitchhikers and bottle neckers hold weight in whether a product will be chosen over their competitor. Adding a sample product, recipe or coupon increases the perceived value of the product and makes customers feel like they are getting more than what they paid for. That is why these products are vastly popular at stores, they are the perfect way to influence customers and increase sales.

Our team is an industry leader when it comes to bottle neckers. This point of sale strategy is one of our most effective and we pride ourselves in providing solutions through top shelf bottle neckers.

Often referred as a rubber bottle necker, the ElastiTag® (shown below) is actually latex-free unlike rubber and is largely popular in the industry. The elastomer base ensures that whatever the bottle necker is holding stays in place. The elastomer loop is remarkably strong and ensures durability in a busy setting like grocery stores or liquor stores. You can get the elastomer loop in a variety of colors to match your product and brand. Bottle neckers can also be printed on paper, vinyl, plastic and polypropylene. You can even request to custom produce it in any shape or size.

Bottle neckers are a unique and effective way for brands to share their story and goals with customers across the world. It is especially great for new brands that are trying to emit what they’re all about. These nifty point of sale items are a great way to directly connect and communicate with your target audience.


As the above scenario, bottle neckers can also hold a sample product or gift for your customers. These are commonly known as hitchhikers or on-packs. Providing sample products or trial offers is a way to nurture your clients, entice them to venture further into your brand and advertise your extensive range. Whether you’re adding on a lightweight packet, 50mL bottle or even a compressed t-shirt, customers will appreciate the attention to detail.


Overall, bottle neckers are a popular and effective choice because of their ability to engage potential customers, increase sales and their high ROI. Even if your company spends thousands of dollars on advertisements and other forms of marketing, none of it will make an impact on customers making an on-the-spot decision. Bottle neckers take care of this by providing the extra influence necessary to skew the customer’s choice in your favor.

This simple technique can be used for any occasion; the release of new products, holidays or sports seasons or new partnerships with other brands. Or you can simply use it to introduce your brand or launch an effective rebrand.

Explore your options with bottle neckers today! With years of experience, our team is here to help and guide you to success.

Our team does more than just bottle neckers! We are a one-stop shop for all promotional marketing solutions. Whether you are looking for your next big-ticket giveaway item, premium kits or even floor displays, our team can help. You’ll immediately notice our extensive range, that’s why some of the biggest brands in the country have chosen MRL Promotions as their lead provider for all promotional marketing strategies.

Want to learn more about our capabilities and how you can implement them into your business? Contact a team member today and tell us a little bit about your company and goals. We’ll be more than happy to have a conversation about creative strategies that can assist your company to shine!


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