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Our team is renowned for creating beautiful marketing pieces out of everyday necessities for businesses. Some of these include custom refrigerators, coolers and ice buckets. These everyday items, which businesses use on and off premise, can easily be turned into a beautiful POS item that will capture the attention of any patron or passerby.

There is a wide range of options when it comes to custom coolers, refrigerators and ice buckets. MRL produces various rolling coolers, ice buckets and refrigerator projects a year. We beautifully display the client’s logo or fully wrap the product in a unique design. Some examples of this would be our Mix 1 custom printed refrigerator project, our rolling cooler for Fusion and D’Angelico metal ice bucket. These simple solutions can turn a practical item into a billboard for your business. As common items found in bars, restaurants and events, promotional refrigerators, promotional rolling coolers and promotional ice buckets are a soft marketing tool that ensures to increase your brand awareness by displaying your logo or message to the masses.


Although there are many standard shape and sizes for these products, they can be custom made into any shape or size. MRL has created custom designs like the Kombrewcha project below. The window in the design, provides potential clients with a taste of the product and ensures to induce curiosity. Small design choices like the one below can sometimes be the defining factor of whether a potential customer will even be drawn to the product. MRL has advised and provided clients with design solutions to appropriately frame products for consumers for years and has been seeing positive results thus far.

Other projects like Alexander Keith’s custom barrel Refrigerator, require close communication with the client to meet their exact vision. With the recent rise in popularity of rustic and industrial products, barrel refrigerators are sure to be hit and can be easily used as a decorative piece as well as a marketing tool. Having POS items that blend well with your business or other products is a great way to create a cohesive look and emit your brand.


These promotional items can be made in a variety of materials. One of our more custom cooler projects includes Kombrewcha’s Metal coolers. This vintage design was a hit at Kombrewcha’s event and it proved to be an effective marketing solution for a company that was looking for a fun twist to embody their brand.


One of the more popular options are promotional rolling coolers, which are an easy and practical solution for off site events. The coolers can be printed with any logo or design. Apart from being incredibly practical and keeping your product cool, it can display your brand beautifully in a large platform for potential clients to see and can be used on or off site.

MRL has been in the business creating custom coolers, Ice buckets and refrigerators for years. Check out some of our past work below and find a creative and practical solution for your business.

Want to know more about marketing options for coolers, refrigerator and ice buckets? Contact our representatives today and we’ll be happy to guide you!




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