Earth Day 2021: Reducing Plastic Waste

Eco-Friendly Options For Earth Day And Beyond

Human behavior has a direct effect on the environment. With COVID-19 causing people to stay home for most of the past year, pollution is temporarily on the decline. One example is in India, where for the first time in decades, residents have been able to see the Himalayas due to the reduction in air pollution (according to this CNN article). And while a pandemic is nothing to be happy about, it does show us that people can make a difference.

It all starts with small steps: recycling your cans and paper, opting for a reusable grocery bag or buying clothes made from sustainable fabrics. The good news is, most of this can be achieved with a few simple product swaps, and our EcoSmart® collection has everything you’ll need.

With dozens of products made from recycled materials and eco-friendly substitutes for single-use plastics, EcoSmart® makes it easy to find sustainable alternatives. And 1% of all EcoSmart® sales are donated to environmental nonprofits through a partnership with 1% For The Planet.

Here are a few of our favorite EcoSmart® items:

Dagon Wheat Straw Mug | 1628-46

Wheat straw is the rigid, durable stock left over after wheat grains are harvested, and it makes a solid substitute for plastic. This wheat straw mug is made with half as much plastic, not to mention all those disposable cups it saves.

Split Recycled 5oz. Cotton Twill Convention Tote 7901-08

Reusable totes are a great substitute for the traditional plastic grocery bag, but that’s far from their only use. This tote is made from 70-80% recycled cotton. Take it to the store, the park or the library, and keep those plastic bags out of a landfill.

TM18306/TM98306 Dege Eco Knit Half Zip

The Amos is the is the half zip you want if you’re looking to go green without giving up any style. The asymmetric seaming detail gives your team a modern look, and it’s made with 34% recycled polyester that feels cottony soft. Even better, it’s moisture-wicking to keep them cool in hot weather.