Custom Employee Gifts

As we get near the holiday season we face a lot of questions from our clients in regards to custom promotional holiday gifts. Many companies might splurge on custom holiday gifts for partners or clients, but sometimes forget about the power force of a business, the employees.

With low budgets at the end of the year, companies tend to draw a blank about which items they can afford to purchase. MRL Promotions is an expert in these kinds of situations. That is why apart from our many available custom promotional products we have created a Holiday Gift Guide for you. We can also provide additional options of items or bundles for an affordable, yet useful, holiday gift that your employees will love.

Drinkware is always a useful holiday gift to provide employees. Pairing a tumbler with a matching travel coffee mug will make your gifts feel as part of a set and will ensure use. Adding custom packaging with snug inserts, instead of providing the items separately, will also evoke a premium feel and ensure it looks like holiday gift.

Bundles are also a great way to give simple gifts a premium feel. Pairing two or three simple items in sleek-wrapped packaging instead of providing a set of loose items will   ensure that the items feels as a holiday gift instead of branded office supplies. Usability and practicality are key terms to keep in mind when choosing a holiday gift for your employees.  Thinking of items someone would use on the daily in an office setting can help determine what kind of bundle you’d like to create. For example, pens and notebooks are a common gift set in corporate settings, but it is also overused. Adding a touch of premium with technology gifts like power banks or speakers will turn this holiday gift into something usable inside as well as outside the office setting.


Seasonal items are also a great way to personalize gifts. Scarves, blankets and warm trendy zip-up jackets are a great way to show your employees you care. Give them something useful for the cold season, and all the while beautifully display your logo on these high-quality gifts. Items with high utility, like the ones below, tend to not put off receivers when they’re branded. As long as the product is comfortable and usable, the branding will fall second to utility.


Food is a gift favorite, after all everyone eats. Packages like the below might not be as personalized as the ones above and have less time of usability, but they are sure to be enjoyed. The advantage of food gifts is that they are often shared with company like friends and   family. This high share factor increases your brand visibility, ensuring that your brand will be displayed to several people. High sensory gifts, like food, tend to stick to someone’s memory and thus, so will your brand.


Still drawing a blank? Contact one of our representatives and they will give you a helping hand. We cater every order to our client’s brand and audience, ensuring that all promotional items clearly evoke the brand’s identity. Call us today and discover the endless possibilities for this holiday season.


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