Custom Wood Flight Trays

With the rising popularity of craft whiskies and beers, flight trays have become one of the most used point of sale items in nightclubs, bars, and restaurants.

Flight trays are the perfect product to entice customers to try a variety of drinks instead of just one. Flight trays can hold sample-sized drinks which can leave the customer with a thirst for more and potentially increase sales. These point of sale items are great for on-premise tasting programs, private tastings, and experiential dinners.

Use them as an introductory course for new patrons, as a compare and contrast activity, or simply as an effective serving tray.

But, flight trays are not only limited to the liquor industry. These point of sale items can be used as sampling trays for any product. Use them to hold samples of juices, sauces or even ice cream.

Because flight trays are incredibly versatile and can be used for a variety of products, they can be custom produced to meet your needs. This makes them an incredible promotional product because you get optimum creative reach!

Popular Style

Flight trays are more commonly seen in their paddle style as displayed below. These are typically wood flight trays that would be used for beverages like whiskeys or beers. The wood flight tray paddle style is mostly popular because it is easy to carry several drinks, all without spillage.


Get Creative

Although the style above is very popular, flight trays can be custom produced to any size or shape!  So there’s plenty of creative room, just look at some of the examples below.

Flight trays can be engraved or printed with your logo or art and they come in a variety of materials, the most popular being wood. Flight trays can also be mixed with other materials like metals or chalkboard inserts to give them a unique touch. They can also be custom produced fully out of acrylic or metal.



Are Flight Trays a good marketing strategy?

Yes! The longer a point of sale item stays close to your customer the higher the chances your brand will be retained. Flight trays are also an ideal point of sale item because they can promote different products or flavors all at once. You can engrave several product names to promote your best products, all through one tray.

Do you change your advertised products daily or weekly? No problem, a flight tray with a chalkboard insert might be the best solution for your business. Change your specials as much as you want with a chalk insert.

The custom Process

Our team of designers has the experience and expertise to provide you with flight trays that meet all your specifications. MRL has custom produced some of the best flight trays on the market, by paying attention to detail and using only the highest quality materials. Our team of experts make the process seamless. We are always prepared to make your vision a reality, all within budget.

Contact one of our team members today and get more information on how to effectively market your brand though custom flight trays.


We Do More Than Flight Trays

Looking for something else?

If you can think it MRL Promotions can produce it. Browse through some of our other custom products below. Contact a team member today and find the perfect marketing solution for your business and brand.


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