Focusing on a Sustainable Future

Why Companies Are Opting for Eco-Friendly Designs

2020 has changed the way we live. Amid a global pandemic, people everywhere are shifting focus to the things that matter most, like protecting the planet.

The importance of sustainability has grown immensely with brands now putting sustainable solutions and practices at the forefront of their designs. POP and POS displays take up a vast part of visual communication in retail and merchandising sectors and therefore place a significant impact on sustainable practices.

Many point-of-sale materials are meant to be thrown away. Stores swap out promotional signage and displays every other month, and corrugated displays only last a few weeks before being replaced. As the industry continues to transform, many retailers and brands have developed a sustainability initiative as part of their corporate social responsibility programs. With sustainability awareness rising, manufacturers, suppliers, and designers have put a focus on recycled and renewable content and low carbon materials, such as salvaged metal, recycled paperboard, biodegradable additives such as EcoPure®.

One of the biggest trends in consumer products is the increasing demand for natural products. POS and POP displays that are made from solid wood are a great way for companies to reinforce the sustainability message. This trend is one of the reasons that wood displays are on the rise. Check out to view our work!