Must-Have Custom Barware Products

Back Bar Items

Bottle glorifiers and back bar displays showcase liquor and beer bottles in an attractive manner that will catch the attention of consumers. Manufactured from wood, metal or acrylic, each bottle glorifier and back bar display can also be LED illuminated to light up and beautifully display the product. The right bottle display(s) and back bar items can be customized to exude the unique feeling of your bar. Illuminated bottle glorifiers help elevate a bar’s visual ambiance with soft, glowing light, especially true in dark-lit interiors. Back bar options include: 

  • Bottle displays 
  • Bottle glorifiers and LED bottle glorifiers
  • Illuminated bottle displays
  • Liquor shelves and bar bottle shelves
  • Multi-Tiered Liquor Bottle Glorifiers
  • Back bar refrigerators and back bar coolers
  • Back bar displays 

Custom Bar Glassware

Make a toast, and set the bar high. Glassware is a key component at any bar, restaurant, event, nightclub or venue. We provide glassware that can meet almost any specification and budget, ideal for restaurants, breweries, nightclubs, wineries, and special events. 

A liquor company may choose to promote a new flavor with a pitcher or custom shot glasses that showcase a drink. Breweries, liquor, and wine companies can use:

  • Taster glasses
  • Custom pint glasses
  • Snifter glasses
  • Custom beer glasses and beer flight glasses
  • Growlers
  • Custom shot glasses
  • Champagne flutes
  • Wine glasses 

We provide imprint methods for printed glassware, engraved glassware, etched glassware, and full-color printing. 

Whiskey Flight

Present your craft whiskey on a high-quality whiskey flight. Our whiskey flight boards can be custom designed to increase brand awareness. We offer a variety of wood, metal and acrylic flight trays that can be produced to any shape or size. 

Whiskey flights have risen in popularity at nightclubs, bars, and restaurants with the emergence of craft breweries and craft whiskey. Flight trays can be used to sample a variety of beer, wine or liquor. Whiskey flights can be used for sampling, but flight trays may also be used for mini martinis or juice shots. Flight trays can be customized to include interchangeable brass plates or chalkboard plates, and they can be manufactured from wood, acrylic or metal. 

Condiment Caddies

Garnish trays, fruit trays, and condiment caddies are used to set up bar service areas to be efficient and organized. Condiment caddies, holders, and trays are ideal to hold drink garnishes such as lemons, limes, cherries, and olives. 

All of the garnish trays produced by us are expertly customized for the client’s specification and budget. Because we offer so many different styles, sizes, and colors, it is easy to find a condiment tray that will satisfy your business requirements. Our custom condiment holders and fruit caddies can be built to accommodate multiple removable compartments and include lid covers. Some styles allow for an ice compartment to keep all the garnishes cool.

Wood Bar Signs 

Signage is a versatile and inexpensive promotional tool. Our custom wood bar signs are truly one of a kind. Wood bar signs can be laser cut to any shape, logo or message. In addition, our wood signs can also be laser engraved or carved. Create custom wood bar signs out of ash, beech, cherry, mahogany, maple, oak or any other wood type. We have the ability to create effects on wood such as sandblasting the wood for a vintage look. Wood bar signs can be customized to any finish and color desired. Common bar signage includes: 

Custom Bar tools 

A perfectly crafted cocktail not only requires an expert bartender but also custom bar tools that are able to withstand everyday use. Every bartender knows the importance of having the right bar tools and accessories to mix drinks. Custom bar tools are a standard at any bar, restaurant, nightclub, event or venue that serves cocktails. We provide all of the essential bar tools such as:

  • Jiggers
  • Muddlers
  • Cocktail spoons
  • Custom bottle openers 
  • Cocktail shakers
  • Mixers and strainers. 

MRL Promotions is an industry leader in creating custom barware and sales promotion materials. We are brand builders, entrusted to create unique and innovative barware and custom bar products. We believe that a great brand is more than a logo, color, or tagline. It’s a feeling. Are you ready to tell your story? Build your brand with us today. 

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