Must-Haves: Custom Bottle Neckers & Hitchhikers

Their names and shapes (rubber bottle neck tags, rubber bottle neckers, cone bottle neckers, bottleneck tag hangers, custom rubber bottle neckers) are as versatile as their utility. Use custom bottom neckers for: 

  • discount offers
  • promoting related products
  • recipes
  • telling a story 
  • IRCs, or Instantly Redeemable Coupons
  • promoting an award or recognition 

The most noticeable bottle neckers are short, sweet, to-the-point, packing as much impact as possible into small real estate. From the shelf to the cart, custom rubber bottle neckers lure the customer by telling a compelling story. Our product range goes beyond rubber bottle neckers: 

  • Paper bottle neckers
  • Rubber bottle neck hangers
  • Wine neck tags
  • Bottleneck hang tags
  • Die-cut bottle neckers
  • Collar bottle neckers
  • String-tied bottle neckers
  • Cone-shaped bottle neckers 

Rubber Bottle Neckers

Your competitor is shelved right next to you. Our designers thrive by creating highly custom designs that attract interest and are built to last. Bottle neckers, rubber bottle neckers or bottleneck tags can be printed on paper, vinyl, plastic or polypropylene, custom cut to any shape or size. 

Bottle Hitchhikers & On-Packs

We provide bottle hitchhikers, dog bones and bottle on-packs, customized to meet your requirements. Hitchhikers, dog bones and on-packs are an other creative point-of-sale solutions that give your customers something more, another way to tell your story

The MRL Group is an independently owned and operated full-service point-of-purchase and point-of-sale advertising agency comprised of forward-thinking marketing professionals. We provide our clients with comprehensive brand articulation and development. To put it simply: we produce cool stuff.

We are brand builders. Our creative solutions reveal the hidden narrative in your company: the complexity and value positioning that resonates with consumers. We offer a smart, cohesive approach to promotions, one that encompasses ideation, creative design, production, cloud-based store solutions, warehousing, and logistics, all while maximizing impact and reducing cost.

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