Non-woven Promotional Totes – New Marketing Opportunities

Environmental efforts are on trend.

As a result, reusable, recycled and biodegradable items have become more prominent in the industry.

The scales skew with every incoming environmental ordinance. The most recent one being plastic bag bans and taxation.

These efforts intend to lower the production and waste of non-biodegradable materials, such as plastic. Since single plastic bag use is a contributing factor to this issue, some cities and states are mandating businesses to charge customers for plastic bags.

Although many are for environmental preservation efforts, this change can present itself a bit inconvenient for business owner.

But, don’t fret! Our many years of experience tells us that this might be a prime opportunity for businesses’ growth in marketing efforts.

Here are 3 ways the plastic bag ban is benefiting businesses.


1. A Justifiable and Non-invasive form of Marketing

As a recent ordinance, consumers expect change in relation to shopping bags.

This is great news for promotional items like tote bags!

As an alternative for plastic bags , tote bags will not seem like a marketing stunt.

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome when providing promotional products is to lower their invasive nature. The item has to have enough appeal, perceived value and demand. Otherwise, customers will feel like a walking billboard.

This transitional climate from plastic bags to other bag alternatives eliminates the products invasive nature. Non-woven and other reusable bags will become highly desirable to customers. Their appeal to customers and reusability will be incredibly beneficial to a business’ brand visibility.

Think about how many times a week customers go shopping, now amplify that by the entirety of your client base.

These could be hundreds of branded and personalized tote bags in your customer’s home, car, and their own person when shopping.

This is an ideal and prime opportunity to increase brand awareness.

But, with change comes effort to adjust.

Luckily for businesses, distributers like MRL Promotions exist.

Companies like ours ensure that ordering promotional products is an easy and smooth process.

By providing an idea of your brand, time frame and budget, our product specialists can compile several product options for you to choose from. Or, we can always custom produce your ideas into reality.

We oversee projects from beginning to end, ensuring that you get a beautiful product all within your budget.

Check out some of our past tote bag projects below, and get inspired!

If want to jump on this marketing opportunity call us today to explore your options.


2. Nurture Customers and Increase Brand Loyalty

The bag ban will also be inconvenient to some customers.

After buying tens to hundreds of dollars in groceries the last thing a customer wants to hear is “Would you like to buy a plastic bag for that?”

Getting free plastic bags for groceries has been the norm for many years. So, although some customers may expect change, it doesn’t mean it will be an easy transition.

Take this opportunity to nurture your customer.

Educate them on the recent change*. Let them know that the plastic bag fee will be in effect at all businesses in your area.

Then, be quick to provide them with a solution to leave a long-lasting impression!

Customers might not mind paying 5 cents for a plastic bag the first time around, but those pesky fees pile up.

Provide customers with a solution that will be more affordable in the long run.

We already spoke about the non-invasive nature of promotional tote bags and their benefits for brand visibility. But, providing clients with immediate solutions during a time of change can also potentially impact brand loyalty.

Branding is more than colors and text fonts, it’s about the message you emit to customers; it’s the voice and character of your company.

Show customers that you care about their every day comfort, not just when they pull up to your register.

Providing customers with a branded reusable tote bags will show that you want them to have a pleasant shopping experience every time, whether it be at your business or not.

You can provide these as complimentary giveaways or charge a small fee.

Regardless of whether you charge a fee or not, this is a much more affordable and practical solution for customers than paying 5+ cents for each plastic bag every time they go shopping.

Providing an immediate solution to current change will emit your company’s effort for fast response and customer satisfaction. And research has shown that customers are much more loyal to brands that understand their needs.

Being one of the first to provide a solution can potentially result in returning customers and a positive outlook of your business.


3. Be Part of the Future

Environmental preservation efforts are making a rapid climb in the industry. Be one of the first to take the changes head on and set the standard for other businesses.

This is a perfect opportunity to get creative with your promotional products and find a new way to emit your business’ sta          tement and brand. Communicate with your customers directly through a highly useful and green product.

Show the general public that your company is forward-thinking, aware of recent changes and a pioneer in new trends and efforts.

Be the future.

Have questions on how to market your business through promotional products? Our agents are here to help, contact us today and we’ll make sure your brand gets the attention it deserves.

*Not all cities or states in the US have implementer plastic bag bans or taxes.

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