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Sometimes the best way to advertise your brand is through items that are native to their setting. A prime example of this is promotional mats.
Apart from being a safety precaution and surface protector, mats are a great platform to market your business or engage in cross-promotional marketing with other companies.

As a necessary item in many venues, products like custom floor mats are the perfect backdrop to promote your brand. Personalized mats easily blend into their surroundings as a functional item and act as a subtle promotional display. This is a great tool because it eliminates the invasive nature many other forms of hard advertising face.

Personalized mats are one of our favorite items to pitch for clients in the food and beverage industry. It’s a method that has been proven to be highly effective.

These mats are often placed in ideal locations that grasp the attention of the customer. Customized floor mats can be found at the entrance of retail stores, commercial buildings, offices and everywhere in between. Whereas bar rail mats, service mats and bar counter mats are often an essential addition to restaurants and bars.
Custom bar rail mats and bar counter mats are also often placed where transactions occur, which ensures that you will have the customer’s undivided attention. This makes the product an ideal promotional platform because it ensures visibility and potentially increases brand recognition.

Besides being the perfect
subtle billboard for your business, custom bar rail mats and bar counter mats have a high level of usability. Spills are guaranteed in any high-paced business that handles food or beverages. That’s why custom rubber mats are an all-time favorite for bars and restaurants. Bar rail mats prevent shakers, mixing glasses and other bar tools to come in direct contact with the bar which eliminate water mark issues. It also creates a non-slip surface to grip glassware and decrease the possibility of breakage. Businesses love these items as they are easy to clean and ensures that every spillage is caught.

Although custom bar rail mats, floor mats and bar counter mats are primarily made as a functional not decorative piece, there are numerous ways to personalize them. Through several molding techniques, these heavy rubber bar mats can be made into custom shapes and sizes, and can display any logo or design with a 3D effect. Whether you choose to simply display the mat in your brand colors or mold it into an intricate design, these effective promotional products can be made into a beautiful addition to your business.

Bring in-store advertising to life, or bring a little piece of your brand to off-site events with custom rubber mats. Enjoy a practical and effective way to promote your business.

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