Summer Promotional Products

This Summer, Add Vibrancy to Your Promotional Products

Summer is right around the corner; it is practically here! This is the time to ramp up your promotions with some fun and vibrancy. Whether you are launching a new product or redesigning campaigns your promotional product giveaways should be as convivial as the heat outside. Here are some ideas for custom promotional items this summer:

Custom Promotional Towels

Custom, personalized towels are a fun way to promote your brand, whether you work in sporting goods, hospitality, or for universities. Our materials and styles range from full-color customization, embroidery, and screenprint.

Our options for personalized towels include:

  • Golf towels: They can be customized for each golfer and can include a clip for attachment to golf bags.
  • Beach towels: Consider giving promotional beach towels as gifts for long-term clients. Promotional beach towels are also a great addition for larger gift sets.
  • Rally towels: Ideal for large events such as sports games, marathons, and walks. They can also be used as custom gym towels

Promotional Sunglasses and Umbrellas

Stay cool this summer with custom promotional sunglasses and umbrellas while creating great brand visibility.


Custom promotional sunglasses are a stylish choice that will promote your company efficiently and distinctly. Sunglasses are becoming one of the most favored freebies and giveaway items. MRL Promotions creates custom sunglasses that meet any specifications. Sunglasses are great for liquor promotion, outdoor events, music festivals, and giveaways. Spreading brand recognition has never been easier, sunglasses are a smart promotional tool that your audience will want to wear.


Gear up with high-quality custom umbrellas. Functional, stylish, and fun, MRL Promotions can equip you with our highly customizable products. Whether it is for a rainy day, sunny event, or misty evening, MRL Promotions can deliver. Our team of expert designers can customize any umbrella to your specification.

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