Umbrellas … because summer

Outdoor umbrellas can establish safe spacing for your cafe, bistro, or bar.

Patio umbrellas and Market umbrellas provide focal points of color, shade, ambiance, and sophistication in a variety of spaces. You will often hear these two terms; patio umbrellas or market umbrellas and wonder if there is a difference between them. There are the industry terms and then there are the day to day terms that we are familiar with. So, what are market umbrellas and patio umbrellas?

The industry of outdoor umbrellas is much older than one would think. People from all around the world have been creating shade structures since the pyramids. There are recorded uses of shading designs dating back to early cave dwellers.

Patio umbrellas is any umbrella that is created specifically for outdoor leisure use. Often found in backyards and patio areas, perhaps near some lounge chairs or table. A patio umbrella can be any style, color, or made from any material.

Market umbrellas refer to its octagonal style/shape, which originated from the streets of France and Italy. It was developed using more crossed sticks to form the basic octagon shape that is prevalent today.

So, to answer the much pondered question: the main difference between patio and market umbrellas is patio umbrellas are any style of umbrella used for residential backyard areas, market umbrellas refers to the specific octagonal umbrella style and is mostly used for commercial outdoor areas.