VIP Bottle Service: Items That are as Unique as Your Brand

VIP Service and Bottle Service Items are extremely important to have on hand at every bar and nightclub! Elite customers have elite tastes and expect nothing but the best! Don’t be caught off guard leaving your customers disappointed with no intentions on ever returning. We offer a wide variety of high-quality VIP products that are sure to impress any guest of honor or bottle service party. Greet your guests at the door with our VIP wristbands and escort them to their VIP table and reserved area blocked off by our Crowd Control Stanchions. We also have a wide variety of Bottle Service Trays, Champagne Buckets, Ice Buckets, and Juice Carafes for all of their cocktail needs. And let’s not forget the Bottle Service Sparklers!!! Stock up and make your customers feel like royalty to keep them coming back time and time again!

LED Bottle Displays

Let your guest own the night, with a VIP LED bottle presenter, service tray, or shot tray. Illuminated, lightweight, easy to carry LED bottle presenters are a particularly popular option because of their ability to spotlight a liquor bottle, the epitome of the bottle service experience. Use bottle service trays and shot trays to further enhance the nightclub ambiance.

Bottle Presenters

These LED Bottle Presenters Will Entice All Guests. These feature multi-colored, programmable lights and they have easy to carry handles. The LED lights call attention to the VIP bottle service and guests love the hype of the bottle.

Shot Trays

Looking to take your bottle service to the next level? Our LED shot trays are the way to do it. These shot trays are a great way to make your VIP guests feel truly special. As your cocktail servers hoist the tray in the air, all eyes will be drawn to the VIP bottle that’s about to hit the table. Entice other club-goers to get in on the fun of VIP bottle service while also making it easy for your servers to carry their bottles. The LED bottle displays are practical, but above all, they’re fun.

Service Trays

VIP Bottle Service Trays are a great way to add that little something extra to the VIP service experience. Keep your VIP guests smiling from ear to ear with these VIP bottle service trays. The LED illumination and lights are strategically designed to display your company’s logo and give maximized visibility of the product.

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