Why the Colors of Your Promotional Products/POS Matter: Blue

The color of your promotional products matter more than one might think. This is due to something called color psychology. Check out our post here for more information.

Each color has a unique set of emotions and feelings associated with them. You want to select colors for your promotional products that are associated with the emotions you want your consumers to associate with your brand.

In this blog post, we will highlight the effects of using the color BLUE.

Here is a graphic our team made to give an overview of the main associations with the color blue:

Psychology of Blue

As you can see above, blue is the color that is related to being trustworthy and responsible. It is a color of honesty, loyalty, and reliability. It is considered to be the “safest” color to use because it builds a feeling of dependability to customers that they will associate with your brand. Blue is a color that is related more to personal communication, rather than mass communication, which makes it a more personable and connectable color.

Blue is a calming color that slows down heart rate and reduces appetite. It is a therapeutic color for both the mind and the body. It is the perfect color to use if you want your company to be associated with trust and reliability. It is also a suiting color for any companies related to the sky, air, or to water. There are very few downsides to this color. The negative connotations to the color are unfriendliness, or being considered too predictable or conservative. Additionally, due to its connection to reducing appetite, it is not a smart color choice for any companies or products relating to food.

Lighter shades of blue are ideal for companies or products relating to relaxation, health, wellness, or travel. Darker shades of blue are ideal for those companies that want to emphasize a sense of honesty and integrity, as the darker shades are considered to be more serious. Blue in general is typically a universally liked color and a safe choice.

Here are some examples of previously made promotional products using the color blue to give you a taste of what MRL can create for your company.

Blue Custom Promotional Products

Want more in depth knowledge of any color? Check out our color glossary to navigate through our color-specific blog posts like this one.

If you have any questions, or if you are feeling inspired, then contact our team so we can bring your colorful vision to life. At MRL… we aren’t afraid to think outside of the box and color outside of the lines.