Why the Colors of Your Promotional Products/POS Matter: Purple

The color of your promotional products matter more than one might think. This is due to something called color psychology. Check out our post here for more information.

Each color has a unique set of emotions and feelings associated with them. You want to select colors for your promotional products that are associated with the emotions you want your consumers to associate with your brand.

In this blog post, we will highlight the effects of using the color PURPLE.

Here is a graphic our team made to give an overview of the main associations with the color purple:

Psychology of Purple

Purple is the color of imagination, as it stimulates creativity and opens the mind. It is a color that suggests extravagance and creates the association of a product having a high level of quality over others. Additionally, purple is linked to creating peace of mind and calming individuals.

Purple equals premium in the mind of many due to the color’s connection to royalty and superiority. If you want to create a truly regal promotional product, then considering utilizing purple. For maximum impact, use purple packaging with hints of gold details to elevate the perception of royalty.

The richness of purple also portrays power, which creates feelings of wisdom and leadership. It is known to be a great color to use for products that are meant to inspire others. This might be in the form of a positive quote or in the form of a pen or notebook where people write or record thoughts. Another idea for where purple is a strategic color to use is for products that are related to self-improvement or meditation since it is a color that helps us get in touch with ourselves. Examples of these type of products might be scented candles, lotion, or even a yoga mat.

Here are some examples of previously made promotional products using the color purple to give you a taste of what MRL can create for your company.

Purple Custom Promotional Products

Want more in depth knowledge of any color? Check out our color glossary to navigate through our color-specific blog posts like this one.

If you have any questions, or if you are feeling inspired, then contact our team so we can bring your colorful vision to life. At MRL… we aren’t afraid to think outside of the box and color outside of the lines.