Wood Point of Sale Strategies

We absolutely love wood point of sale items. Wood is a durable and versatile material that can be used in plenty different forms to give your products a special and classic look. One of the best aspects about wood point of sale items is that they look native to their surroundings and do not feel invasive. As we visited before, products that look like they belong in their surroundings are sometimes the best way to promote a brand.

One of the most popular options, usually for bars and restaurants, are barrel head signs. Barrel head signs are a preferred way to promote a brand because of their ability to double as décor for businesses. These point of sale items can be custom made from authentic barrel heads or can be custom produced from non-authentic products for a more cost-effective option. Barrel head signs are a great way to shed some light on a brand while still maintaining a business’ aesthetic look.

Authentic barrel head signs are perfect for businesses trying to provide patrons with an experience. Authentic barrel pieces contain the history of the barrel they came from, so for whiskey or wine businesses, this can be a way to have a little piece of the distillery off-premise. Wood barrel head signs are incredibly long lasting and have a variety of options to ensure that your product is completely unique. You can use metals as the rim to give it a polished finish, turn the barrel head into a wall clock or cover it in your brand by engraving or printing right onto it.

From the walls of your business to the back of your bar, wood point of sale items can make an appearance. We visited the effectiveness of wood flight trays in a previous post, but there are several other products that can ensure patrons notice your brand. Among these are wood back bar displays and wood bottle glorifiers. Back bar displays and bottle glorifiers come in a variety of materials, but once again wood is a crowd favorite due to its long lasting capabilities. Wood bar displays are the perfect way to frame certain products. By simply creating a branded pedestal for your bottles you can push the brand and make sure the product is visible for patrons to order. Wood back bar displays can also be paired with lighting to literally shed light on your product. Explore your options and get creative!

Want something a little more classic? Bring the process of wine and whiskey making into the bar and make customers feel part of the experience with custom oak barrels. Oak barrels are a great way to present your product and give it an authentic look. Whiskey barrels are hard to ignore, they act as a staple piece and focal point for your bar. The experience of getting liquor or wine from a barrel is different than getting it from the bottle. Patrons will appreciate the effort and it will most certainly be a conversation starter.

Check out some of our past wood back bar displays and bottle glorifiers and get inspired for your next project!



Wood point of sale items can be widely found at restaurants and events. Browse through more of our past work below, you might find something that could be useful to your business!

If you can think it we can produce it. Contact a team member today and explore your options.



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